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Tips On Caring For The Nails So Shiny

Tips On Caring For The Nails So Shiny. Caring for the nails to keep it shiny beauty is one way to have a natural beauty. How can the care with the use of natural materials, or also to the care to produce maximum beauty.

But not everyone is able to go to the place of treatment, because of the bustle with activity, or indeed do not have money to go to the venue.

One way to nail Shiner to look more beautiful in a natural way is as follows:
Tropical nail

Caring For The Nails So That The Shiny
Orange has Vitamin C which is an awful lot. And the Orange could take care of the skin and can also nail Shiner to let me look more beautiful. Do I just put a few slices of lemon to the nail surface and let stand some of the time. After

in this way, the nails will be more visible clean and shiny. Moreover, it can also eliminate the yellowish nails due to nail polish that is less true.

Garlic is very known for seasoning, but here we are over the funsikan as an herb for nails. Garlic proven can make nails stronger and not easily broken. It has been tried and it turned out very different from people who don't use it this way. As for how you just simply stuck-nancapkan garlic into your nails and menggosokkannya at the top of the nail. Do this over and over again how to get strong nails with a maximum.

Watermelon Skin
After eating the watermelon was certainly his skin we waste, but now his skin we make for nail care. Quite simply by swiping the watermelon skin on nails and let stand until the water melon which is in the nail dries. Then clean and wipe your nails.

Star Fruit Wuluh
Green color and a very acid mencekat this can make nails more feels NET let alone at selah-selah nails and also certainly makes the nails become shiny. It's easy, just by rubbing the nail to nail to the star fruit more visible clean.

In addition to tips on caring for the nails so that the shiny above you get a lot of white water mengkosumsi so that the nails more feels moist and not dry, in addition also added veggies and fruits.


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